Rather than being yet another way to victimize oneself and bleat about discrimination, accentism is insidious, pernicious, and as old as the hills.

“I bet you’re a lass who likes a potato!” exclaimed my ex-boss in a booming mock Yorkshire accent. This bloke was a former university Vice Chancellor and he seemed to find this baffling comment hilarious.

Now, to be clear, I don’t like potatoes any more than the next person does, but he laughed, I laughed. We all laughed. What a comedian.

I replied genially “Who invited Russ Abbot?” and laughed.

He didn’t laugh.

I looked around the…

Caroline Flack Instagram Post, December 2019

It’s been almost a year since the death of British TV presenter Caroline Flack and the ensuing #BeKind campaign, inspired by one of Flack’s Instagram posts in the weeks before her suicide.

Flack took her own life on 15 February 2020 following a sustained period of turmoil and distress. The details of Flack’s suffering became daily media fodder, including photos of intimate moments such as her vomiting in the street after a night out and images of her blood-stained bed sheets after the alleged assault on her boyfriend, Lewis Burton.

Flack’s tragic death seemed to trigger a national discussion of…

Katie Edwards

Author and broadcaster. Rep’d by Jon Wood at Rogers, Coleridge and White Literary Agency. Website: www.katiebedwards.com

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